Pattani Food Industries Co.,Ltd is located at No.281 Moo 8, Tambol Bana, Amphor Muang, Patttani Province on the area  
  of 18.8 acre.The Company is a canned and pouch seafood production for export,such as tuna,mackerel sardines and petfood.  
  The Company has a cold storage for keeping 3,000 tons of raw materials. The Company  
  was granted an investment promotion by The Board of Investment ( BOI ).  
  The Company was registered in November 9, 1988 with the initial registered capital  
  of 10 million baht and increased capital to 30 million baht in 1990 and was later  
  increased its registered capital to 100 million baht in 1999 and started production since  
  1990 until present.  
  Pattani Food Industries is a company that create job opportunities to local people truly.  
  Currently, the company has approximately 1,200 employees.  
  Currently the company selling products abroad by export from Songkhla port.  
  The international markets for its exports of these countries are Australia, Great Britain,  
  France, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, The Middle East, Asian countries and several  
  other countries.  
  The Company has developed technology to become a technological leader in food production.  
  The Company has introduced advanced technology and standards equipment to use for  
  customers and consumers to confident in the quality of product and are safe for consumption.  
  During the run up to the present. Pattani Food Industries Co.,Ltd still to move foward with  
  product development and manafacturing processes in every aspect.  
  Under increasing competitive business and volatility of the global economy. Pattani Food  
  Industries Co.,Ltd continues to stand fast, stable and strong under careful administration with  
  with the commitment and dedication of its administrator and employees to collaborate with  
  their full strength capacity. It will be ensure that the company will walk through the crisis and  
  ready to a leading company in asia that we will purpose to be the " Food Production to Global  
  Kitchen "  
  Because of the company believes that factors bring to a successful is to have the effective  
  personnel. We believe in intellectual property in all employees. Than the company is  
  responsible to increase the potential of employees are ready and able to adapt quickly to catch up with changing condition  
  situations that happen all the time. As well as instilling a sense and good ehics work.  
  All those year ago. The company based its business on the stability and continuity  
  coupled with the importance of responsible for the environmental, social and communities  
  by providing standard wastewater treatment system according to announcement of  
  Ministry of Industry prior to release into the natural water resources including is a central  
  to the learning the export canned food processing of students, academic and people in  
  pattani, with the aim to expand their knowledge and combine with business value with  
  the community and society that focused on sustainable growth together.  
  In addition to increasing the potential of business competitiveness. The company operates  
  under the trail of accuracy and fairness. Inparticular, the supporter of the company  
  whether it is the consumer, those who are in business together including all employees  
  of the company  
  On behalf of the executives of Pattani Food Industries Co.,Ltd. We would like to thank its  
  partners, employees and all concerned party to fine consistently support the operations of  
  the company and ask you to believe that the company is dedicated to all the power to operate business carefully, conciseness  
  and consistency of ethics principle, good governance and sustainable development to benefit all parties and corporate growth  
  in tandem. We are committed to becoming the leading manufacturer in Asia.